Hundreds of letters have been recieved from Lucky Duck owners telling us of their winnings and good-fortune. A selection of these were investigated by a National Newspaper and all found to be completely genuine.

If your Lucky Duck brings you special good fortune we should be pleased to hear from you and add your name to our growing list, and we will be pleased to send you a Presentation Duck Free.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to let you know about the luck my duck has brought me.

I visited Whitby on Tuesday 7th Feb 2012 and bought a Lucky Duck.

On Saturday 11th Feb I won 50 on the Health Lottery and on Sunday 12th Feb I won 103.50 on the tote.

So my Lucky Duck has been very lucky for me, so thank you.

Mrs M. Callaghan

Marton, Middlesbrough

"I was given a Lucky Duck as a present and it did bring me a bit of luck at bingo"

D Edmondson


Dear Whitby glass shop

The Lucky Duck we bought is very lucky because we went on TV and we won 10 class stars (class stars are really hard to get but we all think it was our Lucky Duck).

Our class duck is called September, everyone likes it. My favourite ones are April, May, July, August, September and Harlequin Lucky Duck but my favourite is the Weatherwise Lucky Duck.

Javier Mesa

Dear Whitby Glass

I am writing following a bit of good luck that I believe Ermintrude, my Lucky Duck may have helped me with.

With the mad scramble for University places this year, the pressure to do well was greater than ever, I unfortunately failed to achieve my required grades, despite doing better than perhaps expected.

Convinced I had therefore missed a place at my desired university, I began to look for alternative placements, though a completely random phonecall changed all of that.

I had accidently knocked Ermintrude off the shelf and so was holding her in my hand when the phone rang, only to tell me that I had been offered an unconditional place at my desired university, which is publicly known to have experienced extreme over-subscription for my choosen course this year. I can only think that Ermintrude must have helped me out there, as I am sure my grades did not.

Anyway following this good fortune, we have since returned to Whitby Glass to collect Lucky Ducks for the whole family and we have seen pockets of good luck occuring everywhere.

We would therefore like to say thankyou for continuing to make these adorable little ducks and hope to return soon.

Miss Margaret O'Brien


A World of Whitby Lucky Ducks

Map of the World in our shop showing the many countries Lucky Ducks now call home